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Lucinda Lovely EmptyWed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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PostSubject: Lucinda Lovely   Lucinda Lovely EmptySat Nov 11, 2017 10:19 am

Name: Lucinda Lovely

Sex: Female

Species: Succubus

Height: 5'5

Weight: 125 lbs

Age: 84 years

Age in appearance: 19 years

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Gold

Skin Color: Peachy

Personality: Sweet and well mannered, happy to please and do as shes told.

Weakness: Light, and a hatred of Humans.

Profession: Servent to DarkChylde

Weapons: She has none.

Armor: Her body is naturally tougher than others for some reason.

Items: She has her clothing, and a small charm that hangs from her right horn.


Medicine - Applies both First Aid and Herbalism, and also gives a +1 CS to medical skills for use in a hospital. Counts as two skills.

Cooking - Know how to make the best gumbo. +1 CS to reasoning.

Clairvoyance - Allows you to see an area a long distance away ( such as scrying ) or in some situations see the past or future. Where a roll is needed, apply Psyche.

Reconaissance - Used by scouts to gather information about the area ahead. Grants +1 CS to intuition and +1CS to agility for stealth and avoidance of detection.

Picture:Lucinda Lovely Succubus_by_venlian-d9zq95x


Fighting: Good

Agility: Excellent

Strength: Typical

Endurance: Incredible

Reasoning: Typical

Intuition: Excellent

Psyche: Remarkable

Hit Points: 80

Mana: 56

Flying Speed: Excellent

Spells / Special Abilities:
Mind Magic

Circle 1:

Basic Illusion

Cost: 5MP per person being affected

Uses: Psyche ( If being challenged, typically minor pranks need not be rolled )

Description: Can make those around you see small things that do not exist are not really happening. For this level, examples could be a glass dancing across a table. Or a spoon singing such a high note said glass breaks. Nothing larger then a house cat, and no more then three items at a time. Can include sight and sound. Opponents roll psyche, any yellow roll disbelieves. In addition, trying to grab said illusion will break the illusion.

Special Conditions:

1. Must have at least Typical Psyche to attempt to disbelieve an illusion. Only one attempt is allowed unless the person rolling has at last remarkable psyche, then they can roll every round. Those with amazing psyche or, if the caster has amazing psche as well, one level higher then the caster, see through the illusion.

Empathy ( Basic )

Cost: N/A

Uses: Psyche

Description: The mentalist attempts to sense, aided by a person's words, general demeanor, and their very top-most feelings, if they are being truthful or not. Once you reach circle 3, this does not have to be rolled for unless contested.

Telekinesis ( Basic )

Cost: 1MP / minute out of combat, 1MP / round in combat, per person or item ( only if used for more then 1 minute / round )

Uses: Psyche ( only if another person with mental abilities tries to target the same item )

Description: Allows the user to lift an object into the air and move it where they wish. User must be able to maintain eye-contact with the object at all times. Maximum weight of the item is 10 pounds. Maximum movement speed is Typical air speed.


Lucinda was born in Limbo, she was what was considered middle class. But she worked hard when she was a child to learn what she needed to. Always a good child she showed little aptitude for combat, but excelled in matters of the mind. I t was found when she was a bit older that she had the gift for Clairvoyance. And so her family sent her to DarkChylde's castle to be of use to the ruler. Though she never recieved and audience they palace took her in and put her to work in the kitchens since she had no combat skill, ignoring the claims about her mental abilities. She could endure much, while this earned her respect, at the same time it made many jealous and she was abused by many. But never so that they could be blamed. While she was sleeping they would move her and leave her in human villages to be 'punished'. When she was able to escape she was too afraid to tell her elders what had really happened and would say she was merely clumsy. But this fueled her hatred of humans. Eventually when she found people trying to send her away she began to hold them against walls with telekenesis until they gave in. It was after one particularly severe case, where the succubus she had been pinning almost died, that she was brought before DarkChylde.
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Lucinda Lovely
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