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Wish to donate?
Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:06 pm by SgtSarros
As more people have been asking about making donation to pay for the website, keeping it ad-free and increasing the size of our photo gallery, as well as paying for the radio station, you can donate at the below link:

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PostSubject: Sonji-Radumar-Hushai   Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:43 am

Name: Sonji-Radumar-Hushai

Sex: Male
Species: Alien (Andalite)

Height:                   Weight:                     Age:                   Hair Color:                       Eye Color:
(Andalite) - 7’ 6”     (Andalite) - 650lbs      (Andalite) - 35    (Andalite) - Blue               (Andalite) - Blue
(Human) - 6’ 3”       (Human) - 230 lbs      (Human) - 25      (Human) - Black              (Human) - Blue
(Rubina) - 5' 5"       (Rubina) - 135 lbs       (Rubina) - 20      (Rubina) - Red                 (Rubina) - Red
(Midnight) - 9'         (Midnight) - 400 lbs    (Midnight) - 6      (Midnight) - Black            (Midnight) - Green
(Melodia) - 5' 8"      (Melodia) - 135 lbs      (Melodia) - 18     (Melodia) - Purple/Silver   (Melodia) - Gold/brown

Personality: Sonji is a very dutiful explorer.  He’s always looking for new things to checkout and, on occasion, this curiosity lands him in a troublesome situation or two.

Weakness: Can only shapeshift for 2 hours or be stuck in his chosen form.  In his Andalite form, he is little stronger than a typical human, but his senses are heightened enough to allow him time before most physical attacks land to move or parry them with his tailblade.  His body is easy to break, if it can be hit before he shifts.

Profession: Scientist (Xenobiology) / Farmhand (Chocobo Farm)
Weapons: Tailblade
Armor: None
Items: None

Andalite Absorption Trait –
Sonji’s race has the ability to absorb the DNA of any organic matter that has higher brain functions.  Animals, insects, humans, other aliens, so on and so forth can all be assimilated.  The process is a painless one for both parties. Touching the “victim” with any part of his body, he focuses his mind to allow his cells to essentially copy whatever it is he is touching, and absorb that particular DNA strand for later use. The victim feels tired, exhausted, and then nearly asleep for the duration of the process which only lasts upwards of a minute, then they are released and left undamaged.

Andalites used to use a form of sign language to communicate with each other, but as their society advanced and grew, their scientists figured out a way to broadcast thought. This ability can be used as a general speech to a group of people, to everyone within range, which is about two miles if shouting, or used to create a direct link from him to another’s mind for private communication.
Shape Shifting: Once an Andalite has assimilated the DNA of another creature, it can turn in to an exact copy of that creature or person.  All of the abilities conveyed through the blood of that being will be at his disposal, though without knowing how to use them they won’t be of any help to him.

Fighting: Excellent
Agility: Incredible
Strength: Typical
Endurance: Good
Reasoning: Good
Intuition: Excellent
Psyche: Good

OPTIONAL: Only include this section if it is different then normal
Running Speed:
Unchanged - Good ( 40MPH )
Human - Typical ( 20 MPH )

Hit Points: 76
Mana: 36

Spells / Special Abilities:

Telekinesis ( Basic )
Cost: 1MP / minute out of combat, 1MP / round in combat, per person or item ( only if used for more then 1 minute / round )
Uses: Psyche ( only if another person with mental abilities tries to target the same item )
Description: Allows the user to lift an object into the air and move it where they wish. User must be able to maintain eye-contact with the object at all times. Maximum weight of the item is 10 pounds. Maximum movement speed is Typical air speed.

Telepathy ( Basic )
Cost: N/A
Uses: Psyche
Description: Allows the mentalist to talk to someone in their mind, or read someone's mind. The target has to be within visible range with no obstructions between the two. Do note that even if you just read their mind there is a chance a non-mentalist can sense someone in their mind ( roll psyche and get a yellow or highr ) though they will not know who did it. Once the mentalist reaches circle 4, it is impossible for a non-mentalist to know if someone is in their mind unless they speak or reveal themselves.
Special Considerations:
1. The mentalist is allowed 1 mental link per circle level they know in this skill. A roll must be made to esptablish it. A green roll is required for willing targets and yellow for unwilling.. Maximum range is 2 miles times the maximum circle known. At circle 2 this would be anywhere within the city of Oceandia itself.

Telekinesis ( Novice )
Cost: 1MP / minute out of combat, 1MP / round in combat, per person or item ( only if used for more then 1 minute / round )
Uses: Psyche ( only if another person with mental abilities tries to target the same item )
Description: Allows the user to lift an object into the air and move it where they wish. User must be able to maintain eye-contact with the object at all times. Maximum weight of the item is 50 pounds. Maximum movement speed is Typical air speed.

Sonji-Raduar-Hushai was one of the most highly anticipated minds to join the Andalite fleet.  Where others would find problems and give up on their projects, he would find ways around previously thought to be impossible barriers to find a solution to generate the best outcome.  He was always willing to help his fellows with issues and was the first to volunteer for any mission concerning alien life.
One such mission came about, to study a half primal civilization of humans on a secluded island. Never one to pass up a chance to study human behavior, he took the project on fully as soon as he and his team of Nalasin-Unica-Carincu and Ferrha Nildos were able to gather their things and head out.
The objective had been to study the movements of the nomadic humans across the large super-continent they were limited to.  How they interacted with their surroundings and with each other, as well as monitoring the advancement of their tools.  Sonji and Nalasin were able to gain human forms from a pair of scouts that had been injured in the mountains, aiding in returning them to their clan to be greeted as heroes.  Ferrha came along, once they told the village about the Chee woman, and helped them to refine a native plant in to a temporary cure for a rather nasty cold virus that was common to them.  Together the three formed a tight knit bond with the locals despite their individual appearances, and were accepted in to the fold.
Not two months after the initial encounter on the mountain trail, something happened.  It wasn’t clear if it was a raid on the village they were staying in, or if someone had decided to sell them off, but Sonji found him-self alone on an island with a collar around his neck.  Without being able to reach his friends through thought-speak, he was unable to do much but wait for a chance to escape, and wonder what happened to his friends.

Help came in the form of The Doctor and the TARDIS.  Once getting him free of the slaver control, the good doctor saw Sonji safely to Fantasy Island, where everything change.  In short order, he had found himself a place to stay with Choco Bill and the birds under his care.  It wasn't long after when he started seeing Anna, a local with the talent of manipulating ice and moisture in the air.  Between the curious Andalite and curious school teacher developed a solid bond, companionship, and eventually full bodied love.  The two now share a farm house not far from the Chocobo farm.  Expanding on his knowledge base every day, Sonji has acquired a handful of new forms he uses as a sort of hobby.  Testing the limits and uses for each to find the perfect combination of usefulness for any situation.  With the help of his friends, he makes progress with every passing day to better understand the island and it's people.
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